Mooneem is a professional services firm providing bookkeeping and related services to a wide range of small businesses and medium sized companies. We believe that all business owners should have access to the same financial reports that CFOs of large enterprises do. These reports help you make informed decisions so you can proactively steer your business in the direction you would like your business to go.

Professional Team

Dealing with a team of professional bookkeepers and not an individual staff or independent bookkeeper. This removes dependence on an individual and reap benefits of working with a team where individuals complement each other with their unique strengths.

Process Standardization

The biggest complaints that CFOs, CPAs and Managers have is incorrect/inconsistent classification of income or expense by bookkeepers. At Mooneem, we have standardized our systems and processes resulting in consistent numbers and classifications no matter who works on your account.

Better Security

We value your financial data as much as we do ours. While others frequently request financial information including bank and credit card information over email (which is a big no no!), we will transfer these documents over secure connections.

Business Insight

We provide insight in to your financial data that you would not normally get from your bookkeeper or accounting department. This would allow you to make business decisions based on solid financial data and analysis rather than on your gut. For this business insight, which is commonly known as business intelligence in the corporate world, companies spend mega dollars to get the systems and procedures in place. You would get this as part of the services that you select.

Better Control

With Mooneem you will have better control on your finances and will have easy access to your financial reports. Mooneem is focused on serving businesses such as yours.

Savings on Overheads

By working with Mooneem, you cut down on your overheads of personnel, benefits, office space and technology cost for bookkeeping work.

Over and above – A 90 Day Money back guarantee

We strive to give you the best bookkeeping experience ever. If we fail to satisfy you for any reason, we will provide you your money back any time in the first 90 days, up to a maximum of $500.