Living in California means sun, fun, and taxes. Sorry to rain on your parade, but it’s true.

All California business owners have to pay some sort of local, state and federal taxes. As a business, this can be a huge headache that aspirin won’t help. Beside taxes, professional bookkeeping services helps to make your business more organized and profitable.

Did you know that good bookkeeping could be beneficial in keeping your business on the right side of the law while keeping money in your pocket?

How does good bookkeeping help your business?

Clarifies how much money you really make (and how much really goes out) – Having a good bookkeeping service gives you a clear view of your business’ cash flow.

Often, well-intentioned business owners have a vague view of what’s really happening with the books. As important as knowing how much your receivables are, it’s even more important to know how much is being paid out. Without this clear picture, you could be on the road to bankruptcy. service gives you a clear view of your business’ cash flow.

Organizes your business so you can focus on getting and keeping more customers – What feels better: a messy or clean room? Nearly all of us feel better when we walk into a clean room. Having a clean set of books makes you feel better about your business and moving forward. This also allows you to focus on the tasks of revenue generation and customer service that much more.

Prepares you for internal and external audits- Whether you conduct internal audits, or are subject to external audits (such as from the IRS or SEC), well kept books will make these events less painful and often speeds up the entire process.

Gives your business added legitimacy and professionalism – All Fortune 500 companies have dedicated staff for keeping the books. Who’s keeping yours?

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