Our comprehensive accounts payable services are affordable, reliable and secure. We make managing and processing your bills easy, so your payments are made on time, disputes are handled quickly, and fraudulent charges become a thing of the past.

Well managed accounts payable can result in:

  • Reduced accounts payables processing costs
  • Fraud prevention
  • Freeing up your personnel and office space
  •  More time for you to focus on your core business

Our Accounts Payable service includes the following:

  • Maintaining your approved vendor list with contact and payment information
  • Record your bills and have a copy of it available for you to view it securely
  • Bill verification and duplicate prevention
  • Notify you when a new bill is received
  • Allow you to approve and schedule the payment in full or part
  • Schedule an electronic payment or prepare a check. We will not make any payment without your consent
  • Offsite bill collection (Paper or Electronic)

Additionally, Mooneem provides custom business reports using your company’s financial data to help you identify areas of excess (or wasteful) spending you may never have realized before. Breaking down your payables to a granular level to provide you with real insights in to your expenses.

Please schedule a Free consultation today by calling (855)Mooneem or fill out our contact form , and see how outsourcing your accounts payable services can help grow your business.